Mother's Corn Smart toddler set

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Eco-friendly, non-toxic tableware made of CORN for parents concerned about the environment and toxicity of the bowls, plates, and utensils your child eats and drinks from! It includes multi meal plate, self training cup and self training spoon/fork. It is designed for babies and toddlers to have an easy ability to pick up their food due to the design of the curved edges as well as having sections to place multiple foods. It is durable, microwavable and hot water safe! A great gift set!

  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, BPA free (FDA & FFC certified).
  • Made of PLA(Poly Lactic Acid) processed from corn starch.
  • Child friendly design.
  • Ergonomically designed spoon and fork help toddlers eat their food with minimal spilling.
  • A silicon ring inserted at the bottom of mugs prevents slipping of cups due to vapor with hot drink.
  • Designed for toddlers training to drink from a cup. It comes with a handle and is very light.
  • Its edge lip around the cup helps kids to drink without spilling.
  • Convenient food tray for babies and kids, ideal for parents wanting to feed multiple foods without using too many plates.
  • The ideal height of the dividers helps babies who are not adept at using a fork and spoon to move food around easily.
  • Great to encourage children to develop healthy eating habits.
  • Ideal for a gift.
  • Multi plate, self training mug -Microwave safe but not suitable for dishwasher/sterilizer.
  • Self training spoon/fork - Not suitable for dishwasher/sterilizer.
  • Suitable from 12 months
  • Package size: 380 x 235 x70mm
  • Size: 250W x 215D x 10mmH(Multi plate),99W x 70D x 74mmH(Self training mug), 120mm Long(Self training spoon/fork)
  • Heat resistant -20/130°C(multi plate, self training mug), -20/120°C